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my approach is informed by an over thirty year multidisciplinary creative background that combines set design, theatrical rigging and lighting, carpentry, costume design, retail visual merchandising, product development, and mixed media visual arts.


if you grew up in long island, you probably remember at least one or two carpenter/contractor uncles. those uncles became my mentors, teaching me and working with me from the time i could swing a hammer. leaving long island, i began working in off broadway theatre; rigging, set fabrication, and lighting design/installation. around that time, i simultaneously began working as a fashion stylist that led to an epic gig, designing and sewing tour wardrobe for david bowie.


beyond that, there was always retail visual merchandising. for the past ten years i’ve been the art director and visual merchandiser for all love adorned stores, from new york to la, integrating my varied talents to create environments that innovatively balance art and commerce.

i score in the top 2 percentile in spatial relations: the relation of objects to one another and the space they inhabit. i just see where things ought to go, what would be the most balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement, how to create harmony between the objects, and within the space. that space could be an office, a lobby, a living room, your outdoor space. give me a tuba and i’ll get something out of it.


my natural spatial understanding, paired with my experience, enables me to do just about anything at any scale. if i don’t know how, i’ll figure it out. i work quickly and intuitively, tackling obstacles with on the fly solutions.


whether it’s building shelving, upgrading your shop’s customer experience, botanical installations, decorating an office space, or hanging pictures, i help clients to take a kernel of an idea, expand upon it, and bring it into reality.


spatial relationships: orientation in space; the ability to locate objects in the three-dimensional external world by using visual or tactile recognition and to make a spatial analysis of the observed information. the mental ability to imagine the objects in space and move them to different apparent locations. 


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